Robot execution error

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I have a workflow that processes some data from Excel and fills out a form (loop), and after some time I get an error causing it to stop.
I need help deciphering what/why it’s happening and ways to prevent it.

# Another debugger is already attached to the tab with id: 70957890.

Thanks in advance.

Could it be another extension in chrome ?

I have noticed that chrome shows the “a debugger is attached” message for much longer than it’s actually attached ( most likely to ensure the user has a chance to see something happended ) but maybe that also means a session could overlap, even it’s really not … if it’s not another extension, then try adding some exstra delay activities to ensure you give chrome enough time to detach the debugger

Thanks for your response, the only extension chrome use is openrpa.
Basically I use “Execute Script” activity to filled a search input and click a button (faster and never fails), and then the robt do other actions.
After some review I found out that a alert may be the problem, for some reason after some secounds the process fail.

“The Account loaded was invalidated by another ****** window sharing the same Session.”

Do you have any ideas on How I could deal with this?

Alert’s is poison …
“alert()” and “input()” blocks the processing of the page.

I was able to handle the alert, with the help of your video. Close chrome dialog - YouTube

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