Python Invoke Code Error

Hi, could you provide a YouTube video showing how to install Pip and use the Pandas library in Python invoke code?
My invoke code uses the Pandas library. Throwing is the #ModuleNotFoundError: No module called “pandas” issue, though. However, I’m utilising common Python features like date, csv, zip files, and OS, and they all function completely fine. I entered the path C:UsersDellAppDataLocalpython-3.7.3-embed-amd64 in the openRPA recorder plugin, but it is throwing a problem. Is there a path issue, or where should I use invoke code python on libraries to define the path?

please don’t make multiple post about the same thing.

You need to install the modules you need first.
OpenRPA by default uses python embedded, you can install packages using the pip installa activity or see this post for info about how do do it from command line

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