OpenRPA Using too much memory

OpenRPA version:openrpa1.4.48
Using or self hosted openflow:Using

If i keep the openRpa runing and only executing the flows, i dont see a lot of memory usage, but if i start programing and testing, the openRpa start comsuming more memory, i already see more than 1.8Gb of usage, at that point some things stop of working. After close and reopen, the memory usage go to normal levels.

That is correct. That is also why it’s important to keep all designer’s closed when “running in production” or set “isagent” to true in the settings.json file.

This looks like a memory leak for me or a problem in a “garbage colector”, the memory usage keep growing.

When i start the designer the memory usage is around 300Mb.

But i wll keep in mind what u say, and always close the designer in production.

there WAS a memory leak …
I found a bug in my code, that would make it not release the history of old workflows.
If you are still using OpenRPA, please test and see if this new version fixes your memory issues too