OpenFlow Agents Tutorials

Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to announced that I have created few tutorials regrading the OpenFlow Agents, and I’m happy to hear your thoughts about them. If there is something to make better or to delete from it please suggest it.
Maybe, This topic will be just Content with links to all Tutorials, and to create separate topic for each of them, to avoid being this topic too long to comprehend.

OpenFlow Agents



  1. Getting Started with Agents in OpenFlow:

    • An introductory tutorial covering the basics of installing Visual Studio Code, NodeJS, and Python.
    • Guided setup of OpenIAP assistant and initialization of a new project in Visual Studio Code.
  2. Initializing Your Project:

    • A detailed walkthrough of creating an empty project folder and initializing it for OpenIAP instance.
    • Explaining the structure of the .vscode folder and the significance of launch.json and package.json files.
  • Tutorial Use Case 01: Developing code for Loading/Processing CSV Files

    • In this course, we will embark on a journey to assist Emily, a data analyst at DataTech Solutions, in automating the process of loading and processing CSV files. Emily’s role involves analyzing large datasets to extract insights for business decision-making. However, the manual processing of these files is time-consuming and prone to errors. Our mission is to help Emily streamline her workflow by automating these tasks using Agents.
  1. Running and Debugging Your Code:

    • Instructions on how to run and debug code using launch profiles in Visual Studio Code.
    • Demonstrating the process of connecting to an OpenIAP flow instance and executing code.
  2. Deploying Your Code as a Package:

    • Step-by-step guide on packing and publishing code to an OpenIAP instance.
    • Explanation of how to enable a package as a daemon and deploy it as an agent.

For now this is it. Hope that, if everyone likes them, more is to come!