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Hello Allan, i´ve installed openflow using your video with anders Jensen as a guide, the only difference is that i used a portainer to up the application native in linux and not the docker desktop. But everytime i tried to open nodered it gives error 404 page not found. I searched the logs of nodered and apparently nothing is wrong. The logs are attached.

docker is an abstraction layer over an OS, so it does not matter if you run it on macos, linux or windows. But the networking that is being used in my docker compose files does.
I use traefik as reverse proxy to map domain names for each service, so traefik will know what pod to send the traffic to. And in that setup custom ports are not supported. So you need to use the docker compose file if you want a supported setup.
Or use the create stack feature and select Repository, point to it GitHub - open-rpa/docker and select the docker-compose-traefik.yml file Then it works out of the box.

Thank you, you´re saving me

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