I cant access my nodered at this moment.Err:404 page not found

I cant access my nodered at this moment.
Err:404 page not found

you need to supply more information.

I have installed Openrpa locally on my computer.
Form their I am trying to access Node-RED as below.

But I am getting the this error message:
404 page not found

Did you start it ? is it running ? Are there errors are showing in the console of the nodered instance ?

Link to my nodered instance:

I can access Openflow without any issue from there.


If you start a nodered at app.openiap.io it will get turned off after 8 hours.
So you need to start it again.
If you need it to run without getting turned of you need to pay for an instance with the size you need. Or you can install openflow your self to run without this restrictions.

Friday i updated openflow at app.openiap.io to version 1.5
A big change to how nodered is deployed was implemented, meaning nodered no longer run as your username but a randomly genered slug.
If you want to see your old nodered workflow, you need to make sure to change nodered_id match the old name of your nodered ( your email without the special charecters ) and press save.

Allan, Thanks for the information.
So how can I start it again. Do I need to pay?

Also this point “randomly genered slug” is not clear to me.
There is a link from openflow to nodred in previous version.Now I cant see it in there.
So is there any way to acess nodered form openflow?

No, you do not need to pay, but you need to start it again after 8 hours.

The link to nodered in openrpa will not work with openflow 1.5 and forward. ( I will remove the link in next openrpa version ) you need to use the url provded inside openflow when you create it

Allan, Thanks again.

one question,

could you please explain the above line little bit more.

explained here

Its clean to me.Thanks allen.
Have good day…

I see you have not started a nodered.
Is there anything I can do to make this more user friendly / clear ? I would be grateful for any feedback on this

Now I stared it.
Its clear enough for me Allen.
Thnak you very much for your support.

Yes, but i also see you put your “email” in name not nodered_id

You need to put the email (without special charecters ) in nodered_id to get your old workflow to load.

Thnaks Allen.corrected it.

Thank you for this. I see i could make this more user friendly, so I have added a “old_nodered_id” field when creating a new nodered instance that show what the id should be when using the old format.

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