How to start a nodered with your old workflows

With OpenFlow 1.5, Node-RED no longer has its own menu item. Instead, you can start a Node-RED instance from the Agent’s menu item. Here’s how:

  1. Click “Add Agent”
  2. Name: This is the name you will see while looking at the Agents tab.
  3. Slug: This is used for creating the URL to the Node-RED instance.
  4. Image: Select Node-RED from the list of available images.
  5. Plan: If you’re using the free tier, your Node-RED instance will be turned off after 8 hours. You can go to your customer page and purchase a quote for agents in different sizes if you need an agent that does not turn off after 8 hours or if you need more RAM.

In the old days, a Node-RED instance was personal, so it made sense to tie the Node-RED ID and URL to your user. Now, you can easily run multiple Node-RED instances as the same user, with either the same workflow or different workflows. This is why we needed a new way to create URLs, and that’s what slugs are for.

By default, the Node-RED ID will be the same as the slug name. However, if you want to start a Node-RED instance with your old workflow, you can edit the “nodered_id” environment variable to match your old username without the special characters. This way, your new Node-RED instance will load the old workflow. You can see your old id, in the old_nodered_id so simply copy this to nodered_id. Make sure to press Save to make the change take effect.

Now, when you click this icon, you can see your new nodered.

If you’re not sure about the nodered_id, go to Entities, select “nodered” from the dropdown list, then click on one of the Node-RED entities. You will be able to see the nodered_id on all of them.

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I tried to run Node-RED in but is displaying this message:

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length')

did you change anything in the “run as” field ? if so, did you select the user in the dropdown ?

The only thing I change was the “TimeZone” and “Image”, I left the other with default value.
But I tried agan and works fine now.

never mind, i found the issue. I have pushed an update

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