How to save Json api respont to datatable (Invoke Code)

Hi Everyone. I’m new with OpenRPA and I need some help.

I am using “Invoke code” to do a “API Call” in python, and I wand to pass the response in a openrpa variable and save it in a datatable or openflow database (mongodb).
This is the workflow and I have created and variable “newObjects” with type “System.Object[]”:

In Invoke code I get some element of each “records” and create a new object and append each in “newObjects”.

The problem is that “newObjects” always come “null”. This there other way to do this?
Or how do I get the response from from python script and pass ou save it to the datatable?


It should be possible but dont have time to recreate this and lookfor solution right now, so it might be easier to just send the json as a string variable and load it using JArray.Parse or to serialize it into a datatable like this

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Hi @UnyBots

I agree with @Allan_Zimmermann suggestion.

But I solved the same thing, by converting the json to datatable direct in python. You can create a new variable “dataTable” in OpenRPA with type “System.Data.DataTable”.
Then you can import the library pandas into your code. Don’t forget to install it if needed.

I recommend you to use “newObject” as a array with key-value pairs (dictionary).

import pandas as pd

   for record in data['records']:
        newObject = {
            "key1": record['Nº de Pedido'],
            "key2": record['Título'],
            "key3": record['Requisitante'],
            "key4": record['Email'],
            "key5": record['Catálogo'],
            "key6": record['Categoria (último nível)'],
            "key7": record['Data de Criação'],
            "key8": record['Estado']

    # Create a DataFrame from the newObjects list
    df = pd.DataFrame(newObjects)

    # Convert the DataFrame to a datatable
    dataTable = df.to_dict('records')

    # Print the datatable

After executing the code you can use the variable “dataTable” in your workflow and do whatever you need/want.
I hope this helpes you.


Hi @Allan_Zimmermann and @kowts

Thanks to both. I was able to implent the suggestion from @kowts and works perfecty, this way was possible for me to finish my workflow and execute it sucessfully.

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