Download and save/ use file from a webpage

I would like to download a CSV document from a portal and then paste it into an excel file. the download succeeds, but the document is then saved with a constantly changing name. How can I use the document immediately?

I saw THIS topic but I can’t figure out what to do next.

thank you in advance!

Maybe use read csv to read it, and then use either Write Excel or Write Range to add it to excel ?

I have to download the document from a website. In addition, the file always has a different name. I therefore think that “Wait For Download” is a good method, but I do not understand it

when the workflow get’s to wait for download it will tell the browser to let openrpa control the download. you then add the logic that triggers a download inside wait for download and once the download completes, the variable you put into Event will contain the path and filename of the file downloaded.
So create a variable of type DetectorEvent and use it in the Event and then you get full path and filename as a string in eventvariable.result

Hi Allan,

I have this now but I’m missing something somewhere. At 1 " Get element" selects the download button on the web page.

at 2 the result is retrieved.

I think I’m missing the reference to the event, but when I enter something here I get an error message.

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