Can I convert OpenRPA project to nuget package?

Can I convert OpenRPA project to nuget package?

Nothing like that is builtin ( thou an variation of that are used in my packages for snippets )
If you asking “how to publish” OpenRPA does not use the concept of publish. All data is automatically version controlled inside OpenFlow, so we use projects and Access Control Lists to control what people can see and run. Therefor the most common setup, is you have a Dev Project and Production Project and then move the update workflows when they are ready.

Actually, I want to create one nugget package library that will act as a custom activity. and use those library across multiple project this way I can manager code more accurately

There are many examples and resources on the internet about how to do that, but i also wrote a little it about it on the wiki ( under “New activities” ), to give you some starting pointers on what to look for ( and you can see how in the source code for all the modules in OpenRPA too )

So that means I can’t convert XAML to Nugget package to use XAML file as library instead if invoking XAML . I have to create project in visual studio for it

you keep using words that makes it hard to understand your intention …
please explain what it is your trying to achieve.
In first post, it sounds like you are trying to use nuget for distribution a project. As i explained, that is not how you do things in openflow/openrpa.
In second post you ask for distributing custom activities. But you don’t explain if you mean an workflow packaged as an activity ( without the code ) or as an template ( with the code ) like my snippets.
And now you are talking about INVOKING a workflow …
So again … please ask a FULL question with a description of what you are trying to do

Apologies for the unclear question. I am trying to convert the xaml file to nuget packages to use those workflows as custom activities, just like how we create nuget packages in uipath. I don’t want anyone to see my code so that want to xaml convert each Xaml files into custom activity.

I gotcha …
That is not possible right now.
I did implement an semi work around at some point, where you can set on a project to not cache it ( so the xaml files are not stored on the client ) so if you run the robot in agent mode, the user would not be able to see the workflow. But in reality that is “security through obscurity” and not really a good way to “protect your IP”. ( but if we need to nit pick, neither is creating a dont net .dll since those can be decompile easily or the xaml found as an resource in the .dll )

Anyway, in openrpa’s code base you can see/find code for how to compile an xaml file into a dll but there is no way to do this using the UI in OpenRPA right now. You could use that code to either compile a type in memory and add to the toolbox from a dll, OR compile to a dll, and distribute the dll. But either way would require you to use Visual Studio ( and depending on how flexible you make your project you could create a generic solution to work across multiple solutions or one per nuget package )