Convert xaml file to dll file

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Can you please guide how can I convert xaml file to dll file using OpenRPA code base

Just to make it clear. I sayed you can find the code needed inside the openrpa codebase, not that operpa has that functionality.
I do not want to support that over the forum, but I’m happy to tell you where you can find the code.

As you can see, this also allows saving the workflow as a dll file ( and you can even add multiple workflows )
If you place that dll in the GAC or in the /Documents/OpenRPA/extensions folder, openrpa will load it, find the actions and add them to the toolbar.
You can also pack that dll into a nuget package and install it using the package manager in openrpa.

Another way, is to create a project that references openrpa.interfaces
Then create a class that inplements the iSnippet interface

And then you embed the XAML in the class, this will let OpenRPA compile the xaml and then add the type to the Snippet toolbox

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