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Hi, I want to work with a machine unreadable PDF but afaik there is no functionality for that in OpenRPA, so my first intuition was to do it in Python (w/ tesseract) within an agent.
However, in your youtube video you’ve mentioned that this functionality is now deprecated.
So then, what is the current procudure for running Python in openflow, if any?
Or if Python can’t be run by openflow, is there any support for that with other languages?

ah, yeah, maybe the title is a little misleading, not sure what is a better title.
What i meant, by adding deprecated, was that the UI and how things work’s have changed over time, so everything does not look like that now. ( but it’s diffidently supported, agent’s, is the way to do things now :slight_smile: )

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I see! So is there an updated guide or docs for this?
(maybe a better title would be [outdated OpenFlow version])
Thx again

Well, kind of
A short while after creating the video i created this “step by step” guide on how to run a package in docker, as a daemon on an external machine and in a users desktop using assistent

Since then, I have added support for

  • running “ad hoc” packages by sending amqp messages to the agent.
    press image on agents page to test.
  • running a package per workitem ( explained here )
  • Scheduling packages directly on the agent object in openflow ( added this weekend so not documented anywhere yet, but you can see screenshot’s here )

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