Minor updates to agents and workitem queues

I have added a few new things to openflow.

I have started adding power shell support to agents. I have not managed to create a new power shell module that gives api access, I will try and get that done later this year, but right now we can run packages containing power shell scripts on all agents.

This made me add a new feature to workitemqueues that i think will save many people some headaches. You can now assign an agent and a package to a workitem queue.
When a new item gets added to the queue, openflow will then tell the agent to process the item, but running the package and adding the payload as environment variables ( i should proberly add a better way to pass on the workitem, but since i needed this for power shell that was the most convenient way to do it for now )
The agent will then attach the console output and update the payload if the environment variables was updates to the workitem once complete.
This is super handy if you just want to execute a piece of code for each workitem and see if was successful or not.
For more control you can always keep doing it the way i show in my example projects.


This has been finetuned and testet alot the last week.
Using variables was a bad idea, since those a local for the process.
So when agent triggers gets triggered by a workitem queue.

  • it will download and extract the package if it does not have it already
  • it will create a “workitem.json” file inside the package folder containing the payload from the workitem
  • it will download all files associated with the workitem into the package folder.
  • It will execute the package
  • it will attach any new files created inside the folder to the workitem
  • it will atached the console output from running the package as output.txt ( i might remove that again later )
  • it will update the state of the workitem to successfull or retry if it fail’ed ( exitcode != 0 )

This works for all supported languages ( python, javascript, typescript, c# and powershell )


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