Write Range String

Hello, i´m developing a workflow to scrape data from a website, but the data is in string type(url.txt), is it possible to use write range to write string to copy data as if i used “crtl+v”?
when i used write cell all data got in only one cell.

No, writedata only supports writing a datatable
But if the string contains data in CSV format you could save it to a file and read it using “read csv”
if not, then you need to parse the string and aff the data in the correct for into a datatable (or use write cell )

An alternative could be to use TypeText to send Ctrl+V. So you add the data to clipboard using Insert Clipboard and then make sure excel has focus and then use typetext to paste it ( but then the data in the clipboard would also be a string, so i don’t see how that woould be any different )

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