Work with fields with random ID's

I’m trying to log on this system, this fild “user” has in his selector a parameter called “AutomationId”, this parameter changes every time a open the system, it is dinamic.

The second field that I need to fill is the password, it also has this parameter that changes dinamicaly.

The only fild that distinguishes both selector, it is this AumationID. So I can’t delete this parameter.

How can I handle this?


Select the panel with the username and password ( do not just edit the selector, use the recorder to make sure you get the exact PARENT of the two textboxes, or right click and select the parent in tree to the left in the selector window )
Make sure it can find the panel using highlight, then edit the selector and add the following ( remember to add the leading comma , )

    "ControlType": "Edit",
    "IndexInParent": 0

Use IndexInParent to 0 to get the first one, and 1 to get the second item.

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