Why this move again?

I am truly sorry we once again loose all historic discussions and post while moving to a new platform, so let me try and explain.

First we had slack, then slack wanted us to to pay for each user that had access. As a small startup that is not profitable, that was completely out of the question.
So we moved to Mattermost, but due to license constraints and performance issue, we then quickly moved on to NodeBB . A handful users missed the “chat” like features, so we also started a Rocket Chat instance.

Rocket Chat was really good and served us for a long time, but with the release of version 5.0.1 it became unbearable unstable and after more than a month with no solution in sight from RocketChat, I had to find an alternative ( I’m confident they have fixed the issues by now, but could not wait any longer. ).
Since keeping track of both NodeBB and rocket chat was a bit of a hassle, I decided to move both nodebb and rocket chat to Zulip.
Zulip is a wonderful mix of chat and forum, and I completely feel in love with the interface. But it kept crashing and was using more and more RAM to run. It finally come to the point where it’s down more than 15% of the time and was also getting really expensive to keep up, so i finally had enough.
So now we have a discourse instance. I truly hope this will be our last and finally destination for community support. It is a very popular and well know product, also used for community support by many well know open source projects.

I have moved discourse to a new server, sorry for the slow response times the last few hours.