Which table contains audit logs?

Hi Allen,

I have check all below tables.

  1. Agent
  2. Entities
  3. Forms
  4. Mq
  5. Nodered
  6. Openrpa
  7. Openrpa_instances
  8. Test
  9. Users
  10. Workflow
  11. Workflow_instances
  12. Workitems

which tables contains logs. Please help.
Thank you.

The audit collection contains audit logs.
It does not show up in list collections sonce you don’t have write permissions in there, but you can still see it using the api get node

Thanks Allen.One more question.
Could you please tell me which table contains workflow logs?

you find those in openrpa_instances

I have updated openflow list collections to also return audit. It’s confusing if it is missing.

Thank you very much Allen for your support.

All Good I can view logs with out issue now.I want it to get download also.
What is the starting point could you please help
Thank you.

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