Which os version and server os version will support openrpa version?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
Get Element Images activities is not working in os server 2012 version, may i know the which server os will support for openrpa version.

Why is it not working? how do you test that? how certain are you on that ?

We have developed a flow using 1.2.57 version in OS server 2012. Then tried to run the process using 1.4.49 version in OS server 2012, Every activity is working fine except Get.Element.Activity.

Oh, 1.2.57 is pretty old.
I am pretty sure OpenCV has been updated a few times since that. Maybe the latest version has issues on server 2012.
Just to be safe, could you test in a blank workflow with only one image get element. To test if it works if you grab the image and also test it using 1.4.49 ?

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