Where is the Openflow.NodeRed installed?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann,

I’m looking to install additional modules for Node red. Where is located “.node-red” directory, because here is the destination where these needs to be installed?
Or does OpenFlow.Nodered have some other destination for this?

That is controlled by nodered doing startup, so you should always install by using the user interface in NodeRED

Right, I’ve tried to install puppeteer-lottie from there, but they are not published. And when I tried to upload the .zip file it’s not set properly. So, wondering how then it’s possible to get that on nodered?

Probably failing due to missing dependancies.
You could install a remote nodered on a machine that has the prerequests installed deploy openflow nodered using NPM | openflow

Or if you are using docker, you could create an image with all prerequests. For inspiration, here is my puppeteer image

Thanks for your answer! This will be also great step for OpenRPA/OpenFlow to itegrate lottie (json) animations into interface, or as some activities that shows in form of notifications some animation or progress animation of Bot. :slight_smile:
They are very, very light animations. Vector based that are scalable without loosing quality of animation nor the smoothness.