Where can I find the full document to understand function, specially "SelectFile"

There are my function(activity) but I didn’t find document for that so where can I find it, specially “SelectFile”

there is non right now.
Select File and Select Folder was created to allow the user select either a file or folder. Normally most workflows a designed to run without any interaction with the user at the computer ( since most of the time there is no user )
But in those cases you need to prompt for either a location of a file or folder and you don’t want to use invoke form, you can use those.
When selecting a file, it’s important to know if the workflow needs to get the path and filename of a file that already exists or not. IsSaveAs will control this. If this is set to true, it will “prompt” the user to allow overwriting if an existing file was selected.

Okay, actually, I am trying to get the invoice screenshot from web so I put the URL list in the excel file and then I open that file and read one of them after then I open URL and I clicked GoFullPage(I don’t know the Chrome position so I used this) extension in Chrome to download full page screen in the web. Finally I can download it but I can not assign the file name during download, so I open the file explorer and apply file filter and then I tried to change the file name but I can change only first time. below is my selector of Get Element when I tried to change my file.
“filename”: “%windir%\Explorer.EXE”,
“processname”: “explorer”,
“arguments”: “”,
“Selector”: “Windows”,
“search_descendants”: “True”,
“mouse_over_search”: “False”
“ClassName”: “CabinetWClass”,
“Name”: “screencapture*.jpg - search-ms:displayname=Downloads의%20검색%20결과&crumb=location:C%3A%5CUsers%5Ccheesecake%5CDownloads”,
“ControlType”: “Window”,
“FrameworkId”: “Win32”
“ClassName”: “UIProperty”,
“Name”: “이름”,
“ControlType”: “Edit”,
“AutomationId”: “System.ItemNameDisplay”,
“FrameworkId”: “DirectUI”

How can I fix my problem?

use for each with System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(“folder path”, “.png”)
then use invoke code to call System.IO.File.Move("old path and filename, “new path and filename”)`

I didn’t imagine using window system call. As you said, I put the system call in “assing” and “invoke code” activity(need little bit searching for activity). It’s very simple and works fine.
I think that RPA is simple automation but no wonderful guideline so it’s not easy. But now this community is supporting instead of that guideline.
Thank you for your help.

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