VSCode OpenIAP Assistant - "Pack and Publish to openiap instance" command fails

OpenFlow version: 1.5.0
Using app.openiap.io
Error message: "Failed to pack project, c:\Users\user\OpenRPA\robotframeworkagent\robotframeworktest-0.0.1.tgz + " does not exist


When using the VSCode extension, I can’t package my solution and upload it to openflow. It seems like the packing part throws an error and I don’t know why.
I have been following these steps : creating your first agent | openflow rigorously and I don’t see what I am doing wrong.

It uses npm to pack the file, check in a console you have access to npm in the PATH?
npm -v

It should also open a openiap console window with the output, so you should be able to see if there was any error doing pack’ing.

Wait, the
+ “
is that part of the error you are getting?
If so, what is the name in package.json?

Yes it is part of the error, the name of the json package is robotframeworktest.

Here is the full package.json code :

    "name": "robotframeworktest",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "description": "Python agent processing workitems using robot framework and python",
    "main": "main.py",
    "author": "OpenIAP ApS / Allan Zimmermann",
    "license": "MPL-2.0",
    "openiap": {
        "daemon": true,
        "chromium": true,
        "language": "python"
    "scripts": {},
    "keywords": []

Would you be willing to share you screen and show me the error ?
Also, is this on windows, macos or linux ?

I just tested on windows and get the same error …
I will get this fixed asap.

It should have been fixed now, also update assistent and nodeagent

Thanks for your help Allan, I managed to make it work

I think the problem might have lied in my node PATH, here is what the output looked like :

Looks like the space between Program and Files was causing an issue.

I changed the location of nodejs, but the command still did not work. The error message remained the same. I managed to pack the package myself through the terminal, and then pushing it to OpenFlow using the Pack and Publish command. But now the Assistent app is not able to locate node, even though the correct path is added to my PATH env variable, I guess it’s because it looks for the default path for node.

I’m probably going to use Daemon or Docker to run the robot.

Thanks very much for your help and the quick response time, much appreciated !

Windows can be so anying sometimes …
I’ve pushed an updated assistent, who now works with both npm/node/python on windows and linux
I’m still working on how to sign the binaries on macos

Retried it with the extension only, it works great !

Thanks Allan, have a good day

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