Video tutorial on how to use agents

Is it possible to create video which gives more info on how to use agents and some info about all agents on.I know there is already video on you but it dont give much information. How to create our own agent and configure agent from the scretch

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It has been on my to do list for a long time.
But 4 moths ago, I ran out of money and had to take on a big project, so I’m working a full time job, while also trying to keep this a live, so i simply have not been able to find the energy or time.
I will try and prioritize to get that done, maybe the next weekend.


Thank you @Allan_Zimmermann you are doing a great job.
I think we all have to come together make some videos on how use features and best practices. And find way to contribute more on openrpa. So that our community have more knowledge.

May be we can setup some kind of zoom calls( just 1hr every week) where you can show use demos and we can record those call and we can discuss more on how to use openrpa in betterway (no or very less questions regarding code fix)
Because of multiple developers will be there with different mindsets We can clear most the queries regarding the issues and best practices .
And we can upload those videos as tutorial also for future reference and may be create somme course which everyone can refer.

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If we can interact with each this way I think we can grow community much better way.

I think that is an fantastic idea.

I have many times thought about posting here or on linked about setting up a bi-weekly or weekly call where anyone could show up, if they wanted.
But i never did, i feared no one will show up,

I am willing to give it a try a few times, and see if anyone shows up.
I’m already paying to google, to have access to recording meetings, and it works in the browser without nagging people about installing an app, so i think that would be the best media for now.

It needs to be done in the evenings or the weekend.
I will let you decide what makes most sense.
( you can pick an hour between 16 and 19 CET in weekdays or between 12 and 19 CET in the weekends )


I think if you can create some kind of notifications to the user about this than it will help and I think its also better to update this on LinkedIn and other platforms more. I know this will be lil bit more work in beginning to make community aware about this but I this is good way to do it.
Main this is that people should know more about this and you can also go live on youtube and linked same time to get more people

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@yashshah Thank you for sharing this fantastic idea of recording online meetings and using them as tutorials for future reference.
I completely agree that coming together as a community to create educational content on how to use OpenRPA, OpenFlow, and Agents more effectively and promote best practices.

I’m certain that there will be people who are fully supportive of this idea and willing to participate.

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but we can create a survey in this forum to find out who is willing to participate and do what @yashshah suggested: using LinkedIn and other platforms to increase engagement from people.

I’m in!


My team and I will love to help create videos. We just started playing with OpenRPA and will create demo videos as we get better and would love to help the community where we can help.


If we are scheduling it .I think weekend will be better than week days. And I think we can try both one be one and based on audiance response we can decide.


@Allan_Zimmermann possible to give your thoughts on this?

This is a great idea, and im sure there would be no shortage of viewers and participants.

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I have scheduled a live stream on youtube this Saturday at 13PM CET.

Updated link to new recording, since sound got messed up.


I think we need to share this to most of the platforms so that we can connect more developers for this

I have posted it on my linked profile.


I’m really excited about this live session and would like to reconnect with the community. I would definitely join. I’ve been connected with OpenRPA for a few years now, but due to my recent change in job responsibilities, I haven’t been as active I was earlier.

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Greate to hear from you again @Manash :blush:

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damn, i just went back to listen.
The sound is horrible … :frowning:
Next time i will use a google meet, and upload instead …

No problem @Allan_Zimmermann
It’s possible to understand and follow the steps. Excellent explanation, thank you!

I have tried to cover as much as possible from the livestream in this video

The live stream had 5 viewers, but one of them was me from my ipad, to keep track on questions.
The stream has been watched 60 times in the following 12 hours, with people quickly leaving, so i took the video down. Hopefully this re-creation with better sound will fix that.


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