Variables in selector

It is possible to add a variable in the selector configuration so that it can be dynamic, like this in the image.

Contador may be a string or an int.

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I tried doing it as you told me but it gave me an error when I tried to highlight it

The variable is int32

Yes, by using {{ }}
so if you have a variable called contador you can use it in a selector using


Not, thise is a string replacement, NOT an expression so it only accept variable names, you for instance you cannot use {{contador.toString()}} or {{4+5}}

Thanks, it already worked for me

I have another related question

The flow may not stop even if it doesn’t find the xpath

The idea is that maybe in one you will not find the data but in the next you will.

You can set MinResults to 0, then it will not throw an error if nothing was found.
To check if it found something, select the first Get Element, click the field next to “Elements” in the properties windows. Type results this will show an error, since the variable does not exists ( if it does, then choose a different name ) then press Ctrl+K this will create a variable of the correct type.
Now you can add an If statement underneath and check if results.Length is 0 or above. If 0 the first get element did not find anything.

Thank you so much
Your comments helped me a lot

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