Using a Variable Value with a "Type" action

I recorded an action to save a file and I want to enter the filename to save based on a known variable value. I am not clear on the syntax to use in the Type Text action to use the value in this variable to type into the data entry field.

I am also open to the “Set Value” action, but the recording created the “Enter Text” action and I am not sure what the field name is called to set with the variable value.

An answer to either way to Type or Set the Value of an entry box on a “Save File” popup would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for all replies!

In upload file in chrome?
Then try reading here

Was that supposed to be a link to a specific article? It only opens to the home page. Thanks.

Based on your response “upload file in chrome” I found the following video on your YT channel which I believe answers my question:

File upload dialog in chrome - YouTube

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Copy’n’paste error, the link was suppose to be

that reference the same video as you found your self.

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