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Hi in this link add files button not working for get element action. Iam getting error failed locating. can you please guide me, which action can I take for clicking add files button?

Should be covered here File upload dialog in chrome - YouTube

adding single files working fine but adding multiple files iam getting error
can you please guide me how to add multiple files in file name?

It’s going to be hard to try and help without an error message

error is failed locating
tell me how to add two files in the file name?

you cannot add 2 file names to the upload dialog, but you can run it multiple times.

I can take a one file but i want to add one more file that time Iam getting error. Add more files element is not selecting.
That error is failed locating.

you can specify multiple files using space around the names. Like

"invoice1.pdf" "invoice2.pdf"

or escaped in Assign activty

" ""invoice1.pdf"" ""invoice2.pdf"" "

Thank you so much allan

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