Using a separate instance of RabbitMQ

Hello everybody!

Has anyone had experience using RabbitMQ as a separately running instance not in docker-compose? The documentation mentions this possibility Requirements but after specifying the URL of a third-party instance, our OpenFlow stopped running… We want to integrate OpenFlow and its agents/OpenRPA bots with internal BPMS via a message broker. Both services work on the same network, ports are available. Access to RabbitMQ is protected by an SSL certificate.

I appreciate your help!

Yes, simply remove the rabbitmq from your docker compose, and update/add the
amqp_url to point to the external rabbitmq instance you want to use.

amqp settings
amqp_url= # Default: amqp://localhost
amqp_username= # Default: guest
amqp_password= # Default: guest

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