Use ML models for invoice data extraction in openrpa (continued)

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

@krat posted a question a few weeks ago asking if there anything in openrpa to extract the invoice information from different kinds of invoices using ai or something similar, and you replied that we could use third party solutions for this purpose. Which third party solutions would you recommend or suggest exploring?

you also mentioned that we could write one ourselves. Which technology(s) would you recommend looking at to do this ourselves?

Thank you

There are pro’s and con’s with most vendors, so i really don’t want to recommend one over another. I have had good experience using paperflow (now boyum) and google document ai, but I’m sure many others are good too.

I have no experience building document ai my self, so don’t know how to do that, but i guess a good place to start would be to spaCy and UIMA … and then start building more on top of those …

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@Allan_Zimmermann Thank you so much. I appreciate it!

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