Use api with open url

hey, can we use an api to do resume parsing using Open Url tool?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the question?

i have resumes in image format (jpg,png…) and i want to extract the text (skills/experience…) and i need to use ocr api to do that (cause get element won’t do the job i think). My question is, can i call the api using open url activitie/tool or do i need nodered or openflow. If so can you share with me a documentation that will help me do that

ahh, I like you thinking …
But unfortunuatly no, that would not be possible
Personally i prefere using powershell ( Invoke Code → select powershell )
Invoke-RestMethod can be used in most cases

For more long term automation, i would move to using agents and use nodejs/python or NodeRED.

you can send API call using HttpClient()

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