Updating packages through github

I was wondering if it is possible to update or upload a package using code.
This way we would be able to set up a github action that would automatically zip the main branch and upload it to use for our agents.

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Hey, sorry for the late reply.
I have never tried creating a github action ( it has been on my to-do list way to long to have a look at those )
If you can install a package and then run custom code in ether nodejs/python or c#, then yes you can diffidently do that.
the openiap package ( pip install openiap, or npm install @openiap/nodeapi or dotnet add package openiap ) and then use the client to simulate what the webpage/v.code extension does

To update a package, you first need to upload the new file using openiap.UploadFile.

Then insert or update the package defenition in the agents collection to have the new fileid
Right now you can upload a new file and keep the same version number of the package, at some point i will add a forced version bump, so i recommend you do that ( or at least prepare for that )

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