Updates on Shared Workflow doesn't Synchronized To Recipients


I have a workflow which is shared to several openflow/openrpa client accounts. I updated the workflow last night, but until today, the client’s version is still the old one.

By the way, OpenRPA Clients are on status “connected” to the local openflow, and I already clicked “Reload” several times.

The only way I can have the updated workflow is by deleting the database file located at openRPA folder, then opening up the OpenRPA Application again. Is there any other way aside from this?

That sounds like a bug. I’m not sure what would course that.
I can think of many reason it might “stop” updating for a while, but in all of those cases, pressing reload should always work ( as long as the robot is connected )
Are the robots connected to my openflow at app.openiap.io or are you running that your self ?
If the latter, what version of openflow and most importantly is the mongodb runnig in replicaset mode ?

Hi Allan,
Thanks for replying.
The robots are connected to a local openflow, not in app.openiap.io.
The version is v1.4.35.
The mongodb is not running in replicaset.

So if you press refresh the workflows do not get updated, but if you delete the .db file it gets the latest version ?
And you can confirm the version number is changed between the two versions ?
Also what version of OpenRPA are you using on the two machines ?

OpenRPA version on both machine is 1.4.30 and the version number for the both workflow is different, the owner is 66 and on the client is 63

Would you be willing to try update both robots to latest version, just to make sure this hasnt been fixed in a later version ?

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