Unusual Behaviour of Nodered

Hi ,
From last few days am getting error in nodered when my Openrpa flows run.
I have setup my openflow in linux server and then i integrate this with my openrpa . In open flow i am creating a nodered agent and inside the agent i am creating some flows that perform api action. Now i the problem that i am facing is when i restart the agent it works fine for sometime may be (10-15 hours) but after that no api performs and i don’t get any error in my console. But at the same time when i run my flow mannualy the it works fine. Node red display “Server Error” (Check the below screentshot)

What type is the TekmetricSalesApi node ?
can you send a screenshot of it ?
What type of authentication are you doing toward the api that throws this error ?

I am not getting error on the particular. All api’s are not working.

Authentication type is bearer token and am providing all of these in function node . But strange thing is that when we restart the agent then it works fine but after 10-15 hours it does not respond. Also if agent status in openflow then it is showing running.

And what is the error ?
Can you see anything on the api ? is there a way for you to get the people who made the api return the error, or see it in a log somewhere .
Hard to help if you cannot show the error

Am not getting any error in the console. I also added debug on each point but i don’t get any logs in the console. I think the flow is not started. The only error we see in the console that is “Server Error” i already shared image with you.

The error is from the api, so you need to find a way to get that error.

No i don’t think so becauase if the error is from api side then my “EmailWhenError” is working. This one is also not working.

I am Sorry. You are correct. …
The error is from my api node …

What version of openflow are you on ? I know i fixed an issue with some errors getting “empty” some times

I have openflow version v1.5.1 .

should i have to change openflow version now or you are fixing the issue

I think the “missing error message” is fixed in the latest version.
Try upgrading, and if it does not help ( show the error ) then let me know, then I will write here, when I push the next build.

How can i upgrade my openflow . plesae clearify me.
i hope after upgrading i don’t get these type error again

pull the latest images and re-start it.
So if you started openflow with “normal-up”
call “normal-pull” and then “normal-up”

ok thanks for helping me and i will let you know if i get these type of error again.

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