Unable to start Nodered

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Hi allan.
i am beginner to Open RPA and i am creating some project here. But today when i start my Nodered from OpenFlow then getting this type of error.

i did not know about it. Now please guide me what i can do

@Allan_Zimmermann uanble to run openrpa also

@Allan_Zimmermann Help me that how can i get my code back

You need to delete some data, or buy more database space ( or use openflow oppremise if you don’t want size limits )
You can see how much data you are using, grouped by collection on here ( note this only get updated once a day, so once you done it, feel free to wrtie here, then I will force a run to unlock your user )

Which data i have to delete. You mean some flows ?

That is for you to decide. You could delete the workflow instance’s


you are using https://app.openiap.io as OpenFlow which has limited resources . and currently you have used all free resources you need to remove the workflow instance history which will free up space or you can host it on local environment by installing OpenFlow locally

Am unable to see this . This is under robot flows ?

But from where i delete my instances

this one ?

@yashshah thanks :slight_smile:
@Vivek_Sharma I have deleted it for you now.

db.openrpa_hist.deleteMany({"_createdbyid": "63bbc5f2ba9d5ffe65f8510c"})
{ acknowledged: true, deletedCount: 0 }
db.workflow_instances.deleteMany({"_createdbyid": "63bbc5f2ba9d5ffe65f8510c"})
{ acknowledged: true, deletedCount: 5578 }
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i hope it does not effect my code

Thank you so much @Allan_Zimmermann For doing this to me.
is there any way to directly upload Nodered flow to git ?

openflow already does version control for you .

@Allan_Zimmermann Can we add comments to workflow versions and add command like commit because it is very difficult to track versions in OpenFlow.

It has been a dream for me, for a long time to implement the entire git protocol ( that would also make it easier for me to add compression to history )
but i have been unable to find an implementation of git in nodejs :frowning:

The guy behind GitHub - isomorphic-git/isomorphic-git: A pure JavaScript implementation of git for node and browsers! did start implementing it, but then he left, and the people that took over has no interest in making the little effort needed to implement the server side too.

Okeh i check that Thanks for your response

That’s great i hope we see this feature soon

@Allan_Zimmermann Instead of adding complete GIT can we make few small changes in openflow database as workaround of this.
Add one more column which says comments and add save button which will overwrite the whatever version is there on OpenFlow this will make life much easier to track. Also for openrpa table can we add one more reference for the workflow which is project name. because to find main workflow of specific project I have to open each and every workflow

Any thoughts on this? @Allan_Zimmermann is it possible?

@yashshah Can you guide me how can i push my openrpa code to git

you need to export project first after that copy and paste project to git folder and execute commit command