Unable to locate the price field Selector

I want to select the price selector in parts24 website here is a selector for selecting the particular div that is selected, it has a class p5-selected and selectable class in the inspect . By clicking on (I) button i simply go to price screen(that contains the price selector). I have selected the div container that is selected nearby it that I have achieved through RPA ,the problem lies in selecting the button which lies in div container .Any suggestions or help. I had tried every possibilities but none of the that seems to be working.

I feel blind, i don’t see a button in the html in your screenshot ?
is it the span, that you refer to as button ? then just add /div/span to your selector that gets the highlighted div

I am sorry my bad…Actually its a span tag that contains reference to information of part…The problem simply lies in currently the selector that my open RPA bbot is referring to is to its left side and the selector that I want to refer to its right side and bot is then unable to get the element.

Ah, the just add [last()], so

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