Unable to interact with the EXE

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann , Have tried using OpenRPA.IE and OpenRPA.Windows activities to interact with the Oracle-based application(EXE) Via internet Explorer as attached image for your reference but I am unable to automate. So could you please suggest me is their any solution for this other then OpenRPA.image activities to automate ?

Wow, that is crazy … i have NEVER seen a solution that uses an .exe inside an website.
( thou, back in the god old 90’ish we used ActiveX a lot, and later java, That is almost the same, and also why no browsers allow it anymore )

I don’t know if OpenRPA can find that. The good thing about IE is all parts of the webpage is renders as windows components, so in theory you should be able to use windows.get element, but it depends on how IE handles rendering exe files.You can try UiSpy to see if the exe is even visible ( or use windows.get element, open selector and the browser using the tree on the left side )
If openrpa/uispy cannot se the element’s then you only have image recognition left as an option :-/

Thanks for the information @Allan_Zimmermann.

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