Unable to import project

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I am creating new user in my openflow. And when i login to opnerpa through that user and try to import prjoject. But i got only limited files there. what i am missing in the whole process. Is there any roles issue or anything. Help me

You can control permissions per user or per role.
I highly recommend you always use a role to control it.

  • So create a new role. let’s call it “my role”
  • Add you new and old user to the role.
  • Open OpenRPA and login as your original user, on each project you want to share with both users, Select the project, then click Permissions, and then add “my role” and give it suitable permissions.
  • Logout of OpenRPA and login as the new user, you should now be able to see the projects you shared.

The reason we do it from openrpa and not openflow, is we need to propagate the permissions to each workflows and all the images associated with each workflow. OpenRPA will handle that for you, as long as you remember to select the project and not a workflow.

Yes @Allan_Zimmermann . i understand that But i am trying to import another project on open RPA . i will explain you. Let’s call it project_1 so project is creating with username “viveksharma” and i share these flows with “botuser”. This bot user code is live and it is on server. So now i also want to do some changes in my code. but i am unable to do it with “viveksharma " because that code is live. so for this i am creating another user that is"vivekprod” now i am trying to import the project in with user but i don’t get all files while importing. i hope you understand my issue. Thanks for reply

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