Unable to connect postgre SQL database connection

I have a postgresql ondc driver installed and also I have set up connection which is running successfully.I want to connect to it using open RPA ,how can I connect to it the error that I getting is unable to find requested .net framework data provider

the error is pretty clear, you do not not have the odbc provider installed.
Maybe you installed the 32 bit version ?
Can you share the parameters you used ?

Actually I have installed the OBDC Driver for postgres its a 64bit and I have registered that to windows too.

And I am also setting the credentials and configuration in OPENRPA too to connect to postgreSQL

Could you show the properties you are using for the database scope

Here is the properties

you cannot mix odbc with a direct connection.
Either use odbc and use one of the DSN names you created in the user scope ( your first picture )
or use ole db provider and give it a connection string with a driver

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so takes less than a minute to find, install and test the odbc version.

is a pain to find a ole db version anywhere that is free.
the closest so far is this post referring to this github repo, that does NOT support “real” ole db anymore only a .net provider.
In the issues i found this issue, where someone posts a link to a msi that should have an installer that put’s it into the GAC so it shows up as a OLE DB provider, but i have not had any luck with getting it to show up on my test machine.

I guess it’s just easier to just create a DSN and use that. ( if you need something more flexibale, you can use file dsn )

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