Type text, specifically {ENTER} sometimes doesn't work

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann ,

In the workflow I use keyboard shortcuts for a lot of things but I have this issue when I try to download pdf files using ctrl+p and then enter to press print, but a lot of times enter key doesn’t work. For example the sequence goes like this CTRL+P => ENTER => Type Path => ENTER => Left Arrow Key => ENTER (to replace already existing file). Out of this sequence I have noticed that only the first Enter has issues if I am not mistaken. It skips first enter, does type path (which does nothing since the window isn’t open) and then presses enter again to save which presses the print button and opens the save window, and since the type path activity has already passed it just gets stuck there forever until I manually stop the workflow.
Usually this issue occurs when I first run the workflow and after it does, I sometimes just remove that enter activity and replace it with a new one and it works again, sometimes this doesn’t resolve the issue. After the workflow has run successfuly initially, it happens again later while the workflow is still running.

Thank you.

probably a timing issue, try adding a delay before typetext

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann - I was trying to record the context menu key (sometimes called Menu), which when pressed opens the context menu for whatever item on the screen is highlighted. On using the recorder, I get “{349}” in Type Text. When I press play, it switches focus to the target app. The sequence step “{349}” has no effect at all on the target app. It is as if that step is missing. The workflow completes as if just the last 2 keystrokes are there. Using Shift+F10 works instead, and the workflow behaves as it should. Thanks v much.

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