Type Text doesn't work while using HD robots

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann , I have completely setup HD robots on VM. i have created a small process in which bot will open notepad and type “Hello world”. Now i closed the VMs and run the code for bot01 i.e HDRobot sometime it open notepad sometimes not. If it open notepad but stll does not type anything in it. I have use TypeText activity because you were saying that this acitvity works on HDrobots.

How are you opening notepad ?
Did you make sure to use * i name for the selector when finding the notepad textarea ?
Why did you need to use typetext … assign works just fine ?

I’ve thoroughly checked everything, and yes, assign works in this scenario. This testing is simply to ensure that the ‘Type Text’ function works seamlessly with HD Robots. The automation I’m working on requires HD robots due to some selector issues. After trying various options, ‘Type Text’ is the only one that works reliably.

I hope this clarifies why I’m specifically using the ‘Type Text’ function.

Try adding an delay of a few seconds before the type text

i will try this and let you know

It’s working finw with notepad but when i do browser automation and use “Type Text” activity then get this error : -Could not send keyboard input. ErrorCode: 5