Type Text doesn't work when running a workflow on a server

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann, I have built a workflow that downloads files from one place and uploads it to another. The download happens using ctrl+p and enter shortcuts since I couldn’t make it work otherwise, but when running the workflow on a remote windows server and disconnecting, keyboard inputs do not work.
This workflow has to be run offline separately without any external connections since the downloaded files contain sensitive data and for legal reasons I can not setup the workflow to run using OpenFlow or anything similar.
I am scheduling a task using powershell and task scheduler and it works fine when I am connected to the server but once I disconnect keyboard inputs fail.
What can I do to resolve this?

That has nothing to do with OpenRPA, that is a windows issue.
No rpa can be done on a disconnected session, or a session with locked screen.
The solution is to use HD robots and that only works when you also have OpenFlow.
So you will need to install that on premise ( can be the same server if you want ) if you want to use hd robots.

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