'Type Text' Activity does not working when run the workflow on window server

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
I am creating a workflow in which i have to select a value form dropdown and hit the enter button. To hit the enter button i am using "Type text " and pass the value. When i run the flow in my local system it works fine. But when i run the same flow on server i am getting error like this “Could not send keyboard input. ErrorCode: 5”.
Can you please help me to resolve this issue. Or if you have any alternate solution then please help me.

How are you running on a server?
What preceisly do you have in type text ?

@Allan_Zimmermann Thanks for you response.
Right now i am testing so i run the flow on server and keep server windows open then it works fine. But when i run the flow and close the window server then it creates and error. Later we have to trigger the flow.
Type text contain ENTER. Please check the below screenshot.

That is a limitation of windows, not openrpa.
Windows removes access to keyboard and mouse if you minimize the rdp windows, and removes access to screen too, if you disconnect ( same if screen is locked )
The solution is to use HD robots

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann .
I agreed with your answer. But if there is any alternate way to do this if we don’t want to use HD robots.
Do you have any alternate solution of doing this i mean to say without using “Type Text” activity can we do the same thing.

Not if the application only react on a keyboard enter press.
See if you can click a button in the ui, if you need it to work in a minimized/disconnected session.

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann . For your quick responses

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