Trying to navigate elements through Element exist activity

Hello All,
I’m trying to launch at Chrome, so got successfully launch it.
But I’m using Get element activity as Element exist by following openRPA documentation so my robot will know whether the desired tab is opened or not.
To performing this action:

I selected one element and tried to fix the selector so i got these error msg every time.
I refreshed that page many times but there is no change in id, class, text and all attributes.
I tried same action with different UI elements.
I have been used these Xpaths:
“xpath”: “//a[@aria-label=""]”
“xpath”: “//a[@aria-label=‘’]”
I’m attaching a reference picture, please help me regarding this issue.

ERROR Message at console window: This element is not intractable through selenium(automation) as it’s not visible through UI. try any nearby element.

you can check Error msg is highlighted in red colour in the image.