To Trigger RPA Process With API

Hello, can I write an API code to trigger a process? For example, if I send a request to an API I created with Python, can I trigger a process? Is it possible to establish such a structure?

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Something like this?

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In the following Python code, for example, I can trigger a process with a known “workflow id” via PowerShell.

Just as in the example you shared, can I bypass Node-RED and trigger a process from another computer via an API on a website I created? In other words, can I create my own simple orchestrator in this way?

For example, can I write a small API with flask and do this?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question?
The code i linked can run anywere and was a way to skip nodered as middle man. How you run the code is up to you, and if you add a web server to your code, yes then you could call the code through that. If you want to run the python code as an agent in openflow, use port 3000 in your code and check the webserver check mark on the agent.

I am an ediot. Clicking the image made it clear what you mean. You want to by pass openflow.

Yes, you can do that. The good thing about using powershell is you can easily parse arguments and results.

For example, there are two computers named A and B. Computer A has processes and our OpenRPA tool, and it operates 24/7. I want to trigger a process on computer A from computer B. How can I achieve this? Can I create a simple orchestrator myself?

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I’m not going to help you do that. If you want to create your own simple version of openflow, that is perfectly doable, and you are already well on your way to doing that.

If you want to use openflow, there is already posted guides on how to do that here on the forum and on youtube.

All your help is appreciated @Allan_Zimmermann . I might be asking about some things that are already known because I’m still not familiar with many features of OpenFlow and Node-RED. I apologize for that. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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