Table scraping from webpage

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
i want to scrape data from webpage and that data is in the form of table. So is there any activity by using that we get the whole table in variable.

There is an activtiy in openRPA i.e. "Get table ". i check the documentation and all but i don’t get anything that how to we us that.

Please help me that how we can do that. Otherwise we have to do String manipulation but that is little bit complex.

Do you want to manipulate data from a table directly on a web page or somewhere separately (for example, in Excel or within a variable)? If it’s directly on a web page, then I think that it won’t be possible to clear the entire table with one action.

If you do this line by line, you can use the nested “Get element” block in another similar block. In the parent block we are looking for a table on a web page, and in the nested block we will be looking for table cells (the “Max results” parameter should be greater than 1, I would immediately set it to 1000).

i want to get the scrape the data from webpage. And the data is in table there selector is like this (“//div[@id="root"]/div[1]/main/div/div/div/div[2]/div[2]/div[3]/div[1]/div[1]/div/div/div/table”).So am thinking that if it is possible to get whole table with single action

Allan has a good and short video on this topic with examples


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