System.Xml.Linq.XAttribute - ArgumentNullException

On some projects (not all), I get this ArgumentNullException whenever I open the imports tab.
I can send you a project in private if needed @Allan_Zimmermann, but I made this public cause I’m currious as to whether I’m the only one experincing it.

I keeps coming back a few times when I press OK, and eventually it stops. But only until I move to another tab and back to imports, or I click or update what I’ve imported.
On a sidenote to this - It would be nice to be able to remove imported namespaces.

Here is the error popup I’m getting:

try renaming the workflow to a simple name ( like test1 )
looks like issues with the class name ( derived from the workflow name )

In the designer click the background until you see something like “ActivityBuilder”
Then change the name to something without any special characters ( except _ that is used for space )

Yep that worked. So I guess something within the name was causing it as you suggested.
I have a similar named project with no problems, so I can’t really figure out the exact cause. But at least renaming worked :slight_smile:

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