System.IO.Compression.ZipFile issue


I used System.IO.Compression.ZipFile in one of my projects, but when creating a new project and using the Invoke Code block, ZipFile is no longer displayed in the tooltip, and the system throws error KS1069. At the same time, the old project began to end with the same error.

What is the reason for this behavior and how can I fix it?


Did you add a new invoce code, or did you copy the one from the old project ?
have you updated openrpa or re-run the openrpa.msi installer ?
do you have any files in my documents\openrpa\extensions ?

Wait, i don’t see it on mine either… ( but then again, i never tested before i have always only used the archive activities, so don’t know if you added something to get System.IO.Compression.ZipFile to appear in the first place )

If i google this error, most point to the dll is missing, or a reference to .filesystem … both are in my openrpa folder … and both archive activities are still working
I’ll add the field you need to the archive activities

  1. I added a new block “Invoke code”
  2. At the time of writing this post I have not updated OpenRPA, after your answer I tried to enable the repair function in OpenRPA.msi, but it did not help
  3. No, I don’t even have an “extensions” folder in “my documents/OpenRPA”

I forgot to mention that I am seeing this problem both on my local computer and on the remote server, while the necessary ddl-files are present on both machines

I have added encoding to the two activities …
See if this can help you get on with your work … ( download latest pre-release from here )
I can reproduce the issue you are having with invoke code, but I don’t have time to troubleshoot it now.

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I installed the update. There is a new parameter in the “ExpandArchive” block that works! At the same time, I now have access to the ZipFile class in the “InvokeCode” block!

This not only solved my problem, but also allowed me to implement my task more conveniently!

Thank you very much, you are the best!

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Weird, i still don’t see it, after installing my new build … but I am glad it works with both solutions for you.

Jut just to be safe, i recommend you use the activities and not invoke code, since invoke code seems to be flaky around that namespace ( i have the same weird issue with Linq for data tables … I never managed to fix that )

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