Switch from offline mode to online mode with Openflow + NodeRed


I have an installation of OpenRPA currently running on PC1 in offline mode. After developing something locally on my machine (PC2), I export and import the rpaproj file onto PC1.

I would like to switch PC1 from running in offline mode over to online mode using Openflow + nodered (whether via docker or locally) and allow PC2 to deploy projects there. I’m having trouble finding documentation on how to make the transition. Hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction.


First export the projects
Close openrpa
Update settings.json to the openflow you want to use ( wss://app.openiap.io for mine )
Then start openrpa, create a user and login, then import the workflows
In openflow Enable multi tenancy for the user, then add one more user
Then on second robot do the above but login using the second usee you created.
Now on the first robot, select each project and click permissions and then add the users role for the company you created when enabling multi tenancy


How can I run NodeRed and Openflow locally, I have seen resources on this subject, but I would like to get your advice while we are on the subject.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What is the question?

Openflow installation locally is documented here

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