Suggestions to improve Queue in OpenFlow

Just started using Queue in OpenFlow. It has most features and is an amazing software.

I have some features that I would like to suggest:


  • Add button to Pause / Resume queue (today there are Edit, Purge and Delete buttons)
  • Add a column with Count number of workitems by status: NEW, SUCCESSFUL, FAILED, PROCESSING

I moved this to feature requests.

  • Pause / Resume: That is actually a good idea… I will try and implement that the next time I’m working on Openflow.
  • Count: I don’t want to add this. Doing a count on collections millions of records can put a lot of strain on the database, especially since the workitem’s collection in not a time series collection.
    But you can easily create grafana graphs that shows this, if you are using my openflow or have a openflow license

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