Steps how to use the InvokeRemoteOpenRPA process in OpenRpa

Hi , I am new to automation, please guide how to use InvokeRemoteOpenRPA process do the remote desktop based application automation. Please guide me in steps.

Invoke OpenRPA is used to execute a workflow locally
Invoke Remote OpenRPA is used to execute a workflow on a remote openrpa.

Thanks for the reply but i need the demo video or steps that can help me for the how to execute the Invoke Remote Open RPA workflow on a remote compute

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing at the moment.
Maybe you could explain what your issue is ?

I need to did the automation on remote desktop application using open rpa, and i am new to use it, so i need any document, steps or video which can help me to achieve the automation on remote desktop application and as you suggested we can you use invoke remote open-rpa for that but how i can used it ?

if you want to run a workflow for a user that is logged on to a remote desktop server, you simply need to install openrpa on the server and make sure the user has started the robot
if you are talking about high density robots for unattended robots running on remote desktop servers, here is a guide on how to set that up.

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With open rpa means that I have installed the open rpa and also installed the open rpa service on the server as well and also how image based automation work please also guide me

I am not able to perform the automation of the application run on remote desktop using record option please guide me on this using open Rpa

Just search youtube for “OpenRPA image” there are multiple videos showing how that works.
But that is not recommended … you should only use image recognition as last resort. The proper way is to install OpenRPA on the remote desktop server

Thanks , please also let me know the other option which can de use to do the automation of the application run on remote desktop, please guide me or give any reference so that I can perform