is up again

I used to have an uptime page using uptime robot at
but every year they would increase the the price and remove feature, so when that happened again in november last year, I decided to not renew it and stopped using it.
But i miss having a place to note when i do something, but also the ability to quickly see if something is down. Grafana can do a very good job at that, but somehow i just prefer the more simple interfaces like uptime robot. I found an open source solution ( uptime-kuma ) that is similar to uptime robot, and deployed at

From an operations standpoint, you should never monitor a solution from the same data center but I feel this will still give a relative good overview, and as mentioned before, I get a place to note when I’m actively working on something that could give down time.

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I used uptime-kuma for some time and it’s a great product for monitoring portals, ports, servers and more.
And having a place to note downtime and actively monitor for issues is crucial. It’s all about finding the right balance for your needs and resources.

@Allan_Zimmermann Thanks for sharing!