Start BOT via API call

Can I trigger a BOT via API call?

You can use QueueMessage to send a message to the robot ( or role ) with a command to run a workflow, using a payload similator to this

	command: "invoke",
	workflowid: "id-of-openrpa-workflow",
	data: { payload: {"argument1": "value1", "argument2": 42 }

from either nodejs, python or c#

or you can start a nodered instance, add a http endpoint and use that to call a robot using the rpa node.

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My client wants a button on his website to trigger BOT on a remote machine. The solution i can think of is to send a call with parameters for BOT to run, scrape and send back results. results would be populated back on clients website.
Can I confidently pitch OpenIAP for this solution?

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